1. Where do I find my Profile ID?
  2. Why are some friends gray and marked as Private Profile?
  3. Why is it necessary to have a public profile?
  4. How can I set my profile to public?
  5. Why can't I see some of my friends/games?
  6. I have some good ideas for new features. Do you want to know them?
  7. I found some Bugs. What can I do about it?
  8. Is there a forum or steamgroup or something like that?
  9. I really like what you did there. How can I donate?
  10. What is the answer to life the universe and everything?

Why are some friends gray and marked as Private Profile?

Friends who appear light grey and are tagged with 'Private Profile' have set their profile to private access only and do not allow us to compare games. Unfortunately this also applies to friends who set their profile as visible to friends and friends of friends only. The problem here is Valve restricting their WEB API to anonymous calls. Valve / Steam does not know who is requesting information and if the requestor is a friend or not. It is always necessary to set your profile full public in order to compare your games to others (who also have to set their profiles as publicly accessible.)

As soon as Valve allows regular calls connected to a Steam account, we will adapt to it and update the service on this page. However, it is unlikely for this to happen due to security concerns. All you can do at this moment, is to ask your friends to set their profiles public.
A guide to set a profile public can be found here.

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