We're alive!

Okay Guys, we know its been a long time since we posted any updates since we were pretty busy with our real lifes. (Yes, we do have those.)

As we are very happy to see that people kept using Steamtogether anyways, we would like to reenable the community again.

Let us know what features you would like to see implemented in the future and invite your friends to like our page, we will give away a Star Citizen Game Package to one of our first 100 Facebook Fans as soon as we reach that number.


Have fun!

Guschu (06.12.2014 12:56:07)

Facebook and Whatsapp integration update

Great news, everyone! Steamtogether.com has, after over 2 weeks of negotiating, accepted an offer by Facebook, Inc.
Mark, CEO of Facebook and successful entrepreneur, contacted us with an idea that we had never thought of before.
He proposed an implementation of the Facebook API right into the core of Steamtogether.com and pointed out the many many positive effects for us as developers and also for you, the users, who can now experience everything on a new, socially connected level.
We weren't quite ready for this step when Facebook approached us (i.e. they didn't offer enough cash) but we've come to the conclusion that this is not about us but about you, the community of Steamtogether and therefore accepted their offer of 2.5 Million US Dollars and 500k in Facebook stocks.

What does this mean?
In the long term this not only means more Facebook functions such as Farmville, selling of personal data and other things that everyone loves Facebook for, it also means more Whatsapp. Once you signed in, we'll send invitations to your friends via your mobile phone without you even knowing and therefore without you even having to worry about anything. This is Comparing Steam games with friends on the next level.

Stay tuned for the update, which is expected to be rolled out within the next week.

Admin (01.04.2014 14:45:11)

New Giveaway!

Congratulations to VG25, you won our Steamgifts Giveaway and we already sent the Trine Complete Collection to you!
Have fun with the Games!

There will be another giveaway this week, this time NOT via Steamgifts. To be more precise, there will be two giveaways!

We are giving away

Steamtogether Giveaway FEZ and Steamtogether Giveaway Starseed

via Facebook and Google Plus.

All you have to do is to Like our Facebook-Page and add our Page in your Circles on Google Plus.

The winners will be announced next Friday via our Pages and on this Blog here.

Good Luck everyone!

Jan (07.03.2014 22:31:07)


This is what i call a giveaway!

Trine Giveaway 1.337 Entries

Some of you have already noticed that we are on Facebook and Google Plus now. As Steamgifts.com seems to be down every once in a while, we decided to make the next giveaway exclusively via our Facebook and Google Plus Pages.

Make sure to give us a Like or add us to your Circles in order to participate, more Information following this weekend!

Jan (07.03.2014 14:09:30)

Gamefinder Update!

Congratualtions to our AI War: Fleet Command giveaway, Thelale!
Alongside the gift, an update to SteamTogether has been roled out. We're introducing the Gamefinder which makes (who'd have guessed?) finding games on Steam a child's play.
Quickly find all games available on Steam and sort them by Name, Categories, Meta Score and current Discount. With this easy and quick method to crawl through the sheer masses of games Steam offers, you'll have no problems finding games you might want to play or games your friends have in common and you're missing. The addition of the Gamefinder feature provides another tool for you and your teammates to make playing in a group much easier and less of a hassle.

In other news, we're having another giveaway. It's the Trine Complete Edition.
This time it's a little different and we're allowing everyone to join (not restricted to our steam community group):

Steamgifts.com seems to be down at the moment, please be patient.

Giveaway will end March 7th so tell your friends to check out SteamTogether.com and join!

Jan (01.03.2014 16:07:58)

Congratulations to our Giveaway winner!

MightyCorn was the lucky enough to win the Metal Slug 3 giveaway this time. Thanks to eveone who participated and gave us the opportunity to introduce SteamTogether to you. Make sure you check out our recently introduced new and awesome Party feature to make comparing games for groups even easier. As a new treat for everyone in our Steamgroup we're having another giveaway in about 2 weeks (February 28th, 2014). Just as with the giveaway before we're using Steamgifts.com to make this as fair as possible for everyone participating.
You may enter by clicking here.

AI War Fleet Command Giveaway

Stay tuned for updates and news!

Benjamin (21.02.2014 10:41:03)

Steamtogether Party Update

Tonight's update will introduce a pretty swish new feature which basically allows users to create parties. Put simply, the Comparator will make use of our service much faster once you've set up your favourite gaming groups. Not only can you create parties, but also name them, edit them and load them again when you come back to find out what game to play next.

The way it works is super easy. You sign in through Steam and select your friends, opponents or team-mates and let us find the games that everyone owns. Once we have compared your games, you may just hit the 'Create Party' button and give that selection of friends a name. Now you can always come back and load the party using the 'Load Party' button. Note that you can create as many parties as you wish and we'll store them for you.

You will still be able to compare your games to each friend or to a group of friends without creating parties but saving these couple of clicks could give you just the required advantage in whatever game you play with your friends!

Admin (06.02.2014 10:42:55)

Hey and welcome to Steam Together!

To celebrate the launch of SteamTogether.com we're having a giveaway on Friday, February 14th. To join, try our new, free service and join our Steamgroup.

We're using steamgifts.com to manage the giveaway and you can signup by clicking the picture. On Friday around noon we'll pick a winner and in order to win it is necessary for you to be in the Steamgroup and to have used the service at least once. If the selected winner did not use our service, we will re-roll and pick a new winner.

steamgifts link

Thank you very much and good luck to everyone participating!

Jan (01.02.2014 17:00:25)


provides you with an intuitive way to conveniently find games you and your friends have in common and jump right into the action! Simply sign in through steam and select the friends you wish to play with. steamtogether.com will display all the games you share at a glance so you don't have to worry and can get cracking.

Admin (23.01.2014 15:36:37)

What is my Profile ID?

If you don't know your steam profile ID click here for a guide how to set your profile ID.

Benjamin (20.01.2014 19:34:14)
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